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ExcelEQ Equine Wellness Supplement

ExcelEQ Equine Wellness Supplement

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ExcelEQ™ is a proprietary blend of Camelina sativa seed oil that is grown, produced and processed by Excel Supplements™. With a horses overall health in mind, this formula contains all-natural antioxidants and a balance of omegas to achieve many benefits.


ExcelEQ™ Equine Wellness Supplement: Camelina Oil

ExcelEQ uses high potency omega-3 fatty acids in conjunction with plant based vitamin e to achieve many benefits. Camelina Oil, also known as false flax, is a great alternative for horses needing extra anti-inflammatory support.

Not to mention, ExcelEQ has been bred specifically for your horses overall health. Plant based omega-3 fatty acids combat unwanted inflammation, while omega-6 fatty acids aid in supporting a healthy immune system.

Within this formula, balanced omegas work together with additional vitamin e antioxidants to keep your horse at an ideal baseline health.

ExcelEQ™ Benefits:

  • Aid in weight gain

  • Help with digestion

  • Promotes muscle development

  • Keeps skin and coat healthy

  • Aids in hoof health and growth

Excel's Equine Camelina Oil Is Great For:

  • Horses with a mild work load

  • Retired horses

  • Fertility in brood mares

  • Horses needing weight gain

  • Horses struggling with a weak immune system


A proprietary and non-GMO blend of cold press camelina oil varietals, Camelina Plus™ (proprietary camelina antioxidants) and natural flavoring.

Active Ingredients:

  • Omega-3 Fat* 35%

  • Omega-6 Fat* 25%

  • Omega-9 Fat* 35%

  • Camelina polyphenols 400ppm

  • Vitamin E (total tocopherols) 700ppm or 760-800 mg/kg

    • Alpha-tocopherol: 30 – 40 mg/kg

    • Gamma –tocopherol: 720 – 740 mg/kg

    • Delta-tocopherol: 10 – 20 mg/kg


To Clarify, ExcelEQ™ Contains NO SUGARS making it a safe option for horses with history of laminitis.

ExcelEQ Feeding Directions:

Give 2-4 pumps (ounces) per day as top dressing or administer in an oral syringe.

  • 2oz- light to moderate work load

  • 4oz- recovery support

One pump is equivalent to one ounce of oil.

Shelf life is 2 years after production date.

Allow 90 days to see dramatic results.

What Does Excel's Equine Wellness Supplement Do?

This innovative oil takes top dressing to a new level, offering much more than a shiny coat. ExcelEQ's main ingredient, Camelina Plus™, is a unique breed of camelina sativa seed oil exclusive to Excel. This component amplifies high potency omegas and vitamin e in your horses diet.

In addition, cold pressed camelina fruit polyphenols add additional support against oxidative stress and inflammation.

All together, our ingredients go to work for your horses overall health. Benefits range from increasing joint mobility to improvement in skin and coat health. Add ExcelEQ Equine Wellness Formula to your horses regular diet and see the difference in their overall health!

To learn more about Excel's farming and production process of Camelina, read our company story or visit us on social media!

Buy Camelina Oil for Multiple Horses and Save!

5 Gallon buckets of Excel's Equine Wellness Supplement makes feeding multiple horses easier than ever. Most importantly, every Excel product has a 2 year shelf life.

Does Your Horse Have Special Conditions?

Every Excel Supplements product has been handled through its entire life with devotion and care. And because we are animal people making products for animals, we know that no product is one size fits all.

If you have any questions on what Excel Camelina Oil Supplement is right for your horse, visit our FAQ page or contact us today!
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