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ExcelR8 Livestock Supplement

ExcelR8 Livestock Supplement

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ExcelR8™ is a specially formulated blend to provide natural GMO-free omega 3 and vitamin E to your performance livestock. This livestock supplement has many internal benefits, all while keeping your livestock’s coat and body condition looking their best.

ExcelR8™ Livestock Supplement

Get the best from your performance livestock with Excel's exclusive formula filled with plant-based omegas and vitamin e.

What can ExcelR8™ Do?

  • Achieve optimum whole-body health

  • Support heart and nervous system support

  • Improve muscle growth and recovery

  • Aid in joint and tendon repair

  • Acts as an all-natural anti-inflammatory

  • Promotes healthy skin

  • Aids in wound healing

  • Boosts immune system

Livestock Feeding Instructions:


  • 1-4 oz per day for an average adult cow

  • 1/2-1 oz per day for growing calf

For Cattle needing extra support, ExcelR8 can be safely fed up to 6 oz per day.


  • 1/2 -1 oz per day for an average adult goat

  • ¼-½ oz per day for a growing lamb


  • ½-3 tsp daily per 1 lb of feed

Utilizing green and non-GMO ingredients are important to us! We know that these factors effect your farming procedures!
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