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ExcelRescue Hoof Support

ExcelRescue Hoof Support

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ExcelRescue™ Hoof Support promotes strong, growing hooves and helps to prevent cracks and other hoof health issues.

ExcelRescue Hoof Support

The Excel Rescue Hoof Support is the perfect addition to your grooming, riding and bathing routine! As an all natural hoof conditioner it is full of antioxidants to aid in healing, protecting, and restoring the horse's foot. This hoof care product is formulated with a blend of essential oils and Camelina oil for many benefits.

ExcelRescue Hoof Support properly hydrates the hoof wall, coronary region, sole, and frog. The hoof product properties enable it to become hard, maintain strength and optimize growth. This helps prevent the hoof wall and bulbs from cracking. ExcelRescue Hoof Support is an ideal choice for horse owners who want to provide their horses with the best possible hoof care.

Hoof Support Benefits:

  • Maintain a constant level of strength

  • Optimize integrity and continual growth of the hoof

  • Hydrate the hoof wall, coronary region, sole and frog

  • Prevent hoof walls and bulbs from cracking

  • Manage abscess and tender footed horses

  • Prevent and manage horses prone to thrush

Many of our customers have made the switch from harsh ingredients to this all-natural alternative to what is currently on the market. So, you can feel good knowing that there is something that can be used daily with ingredients you can trust!


Proprietary blend of Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, Sonoran Desert Bees Wax, Essential Oils

Safe to apply on:

  • Hoof wall

  • Coronary band

  • Frog

  • Sole

  • Heel bulbs

How to Apply Hoof Support:

Apply Excel Hoof Support on the hoof wall, coronary band, frog, sole, and heel bulbs as needed. We recommend using a light coat before exercise and before bathing.

Will Excel Hoof Support change my horses feet?

The optimum way to improve your horse’s hoof condition is through proper nutrition. Studies show that feeding your horse a properly balanced diet is more effective than applying outside products to the hooves alone.

Because of this, we recommend using this product daily in combination with feeding 2oz of ExcelEQ ProElite™. This is to insure that your horse absorbs nutrients that promote healthy tissues and their growth.

Over time, a properly balanced diet will help create healthier hooves for your horse and ExcelRescue™ Hoof Support can protect that investment!

Does Your Horse Have Special Conditions?

Every Excel Supplements product has been handled through its entire life with devotion and care. And because we are animal people making products for animals, we know that no product is one size fits all.

If you have any questions on what Excel Supplement is right for your horse, visit our FAQ page or contact us today!
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