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ExcelRescue Wound Salve

ExcelRescue Wound Salve

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ExcelRescue™ is a camelina sativa seed oil based salve that contains avocado oil, vitamin e, bees wax and honey. This carefully produced formula has powerful wound healing properties for all types of wounds and fungus!

This is a carefully produced *high demand* product and is often out of stock!

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What is ExcelRescue™?

ExcelRescue™ is an all-natural salve that promotes the healing of scratches, minor cuts and open wounds. Our carefully produced formula is primarily made with antioxidants (vitamin e) and a balance of plant-based omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. These properties come from our exclusive main ingredient, Camelina sativa. Next, a special blend of pure beeswax, honey and avocado oil, is combined into the salve. All of these components make this salve making it easy to apply and highly effective.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Avocado Oil, Citrus.

ExcelRescue™ salve aids in:

    • Wound healing

    • Antibacterial

    • Open cuts/abrasions

    • Skin Healing

    • Scratches

    • Dried heels/sole/frog

    • Bug bites

    • Sheath/Udder Protection

    • Thrush aid & protection

    • Dry skin

    • Hair growth

**ExcelRescue salve is safe for all animal and human use**

Directions: Apply Directly on open cuts, abrasions, or scratches/fungal issues.

Our salve heals skin & grows hair!

Excel Supplements™ revolutionary combination of vitamin e antioxidant properties andomega-3 anti-inflammatory properties make this salve strong! ExcelRescue heals skin in record time while also promoting new hair growth!
"Living in the SouthEast is hard when you have horses, especially when its summer sore and cellulitis season. I had previously used a mixture fish oil based paste that my vet would make up for scratches and wounds but the fish smell was too much for me. A friend from Arizona recommended I try ExcelRescue salve. In two days. YES TWO- my chestnut mare who has had chronic scratches since I had her- was actually starting to look BETTER! 3 weeks later she almost looked like a real horse on her hind legs. I will never be without this product!!"

Finally, a carefully produced formula.

Because ExcelRescue is a carefully produced product, we often sell out before our next batch is done. If you are an avid Rescue customer or you need powerful wound healing asap- our ExcelRescue Hoof Support is a very similar, safe formula that can be used as salve!


Healing from the inside out!

Want even more results? All of our products work better together! Because healing starts from the inside- feeding your horse ExcelEQ or our exclusive ExcelEQ ProElite adds for even more healing power.

Let's shop together!

You don't have to shop alone! Our entire staff of animal professionals (and owners) can help you find the perfect formula. Contact us with any questions you have today!
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