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ExcelShine Hoof Oil

ExcelShine Hoof Oil

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ExcelShine™ hoof oil is an all natural hoof treatment that can be used daily with no harsh ingredients such as acetone.

ExcelShine™ Hoof Oil

An all natural hoof treatment with no acetone or other harsh ingredients, making it safe for everyday use.

What Excel’s All Natural Hoof Treatment Can Do:

  • Helps with minor problems such as dryness and cracking

  • Helps to seal out excess moisture

  • Penetration of the hoof wall without being excessively oily or leaving a waxy build up

  • Aids in thrush prevention

ExcelShine™ Is Safe For:

  • Coronet band

  • Hoof wall

  • Frog

  • Sole

ExcelShine™ Hoof Oil Ingredients:

A proprietary and non-GMO blend of cold press camelina oil varietals.

ExcelShine™ Application Directions:

  • Apply before/after bathing

  • Apply before/after riding/training activity

  • Safe for everyday use

The optimal way to improve your horse’s hoof condition is through proper nutrition. It has been proven that feeding your horse a properly balanced diet is more effective than applying oil to the hooves alone. We recommend using this all natural hoof oil daily in combination with feeding 2oz of ExcelEQ ProElite™, to ensure that your horse can properly absorb nutrients that promote healthy tissues and their growth. Over time, a properly balanced diet will help create healthier hooves for your horse and ExcelShine™ hoof oil can protect that investment!

Does Your Horse Have Special Conditions?

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